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❝ My husband and I can’t thank Amber enough for helping us with our son Wyatt! Her endless support and advice let us put an end to our sleepless nights with him. Amber set up a customized sleep plan for us to follow with Wyatt. After 1 week Wyatt was able to fall asleep on his own and slept for 12 hours! The first week was challenging but Amber was always a quick phone call or email away! We can not thank you enough! ❞

~ The Gerrard’s

❝ Our family can’t thank Amber enough for the help in getting Blake to finally sleep. After 2.5 years of not sleeping through the night, not being able to fall asleep on her own and not being able to sleep train our daughter on our own because of health issues and hospitalizations that were quite traumatic for her, I was exhausted! Amber was able to develop a plan specifically for Blake to help Blake get sleep but being aware of her fears and insecurities. After just 8 nights, Blake was able to fall asleep on her own and was sleeping for at least 10 hrs a night. I’m not going to lie, it was a very difficult process but was a lot easier with all of Amber’s support and encouragement, and was so worth it. I want other mom’s that have a child with trouble sleeping to know it’s never too late to sleep train your child. Amber can help. Thank you so much for giving us a rested household! ❞

~ Crystal, SK

❝ Thank you for everything again. It really has been amazing. Even my husband says that he is extremely happy with the results and is totally worth it ! Brynlee was a horrible sleeper before starting the training with Amber. We were running off of no sleep and our older daughter was feeling the effects of that. Amber helped us get our lives back and we are very happy with everything she provided us. She was extremely helpful throughout the whole process and helped us with every concern we had while sleep training. Brynlee is a much happier baby now and even when we have minor setbacks, we always have the plan to go back to. What I found to be the best part of it was that she tailors every plan to meet the needs of each family. It's not a "one size fits all" type thing. Thank you very much Amber, you truly are a lifesaver!! ❞

~ Leah, RedDeer, AB

❝ I can't even find the words to thank you enough for helping our family. I am still in shock. My 8 month old son Lawson was waking up every 1-2 hours all night, every night since pretty much birth. He refused to nap during the day unless he was in an infant carrier. I felt completely defeated, beyond exhausted and miserable. After meeting Amber, it only took Lawson a couple nights to catch on, and he has been sleeping through the night ever since!!!!! My mind is blown, I honestly thought that Lawson was going to be the one baby that wasn't going to be able to do Amber's program. Boy, was I ever wrong. It has been life altering for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Amber!!!! ❞

~ The McCarthy's, B.C

❝ Amber provided us with the most precious gift for our family, sleep! Her personal approach and connection to us as a family is something we will be forever grateful for. Amber's expertise and professionalism were appreciated as she worked with us through the program. She was available and very responsive to our needs. We highly recommend Amber if you're looking to find a routine and schedule with your baby. We are so glad that we embarked on this sleep journey; It was hard work but Amber was there every step of the way! I want to thank you from the bottom on my heart for helping us...your personal messages made it real and I am forever grateful! ❞

~ Mom of this little 6 month old sweetheart, Ontario Canada

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