Great words from great people.


❝ Amber has worked with us and has been very patient with our family. Emerson had extreme colic, and when we first started sleep training at 2 months he wasn't ready for it due to the colic, Amber let us put the sleep training on hold until we were ready. At 3 months we decided to give it a go again, Amber created us a whole new sleep plan at that time! It wasn't easy but Amber assured us that we could do it. After just 2 nights he slept thru the night! We went from being up every 2-3 hrs to getting a full 11 hr sleep in, in just 2 days of training! Amber was always there when we needed and we couldn't have done it without her support and advice! Thank you! ❞

~ Vanessa, RD

❝ Amber, Thank you thank you thank you. There is not much more I can say. With your help we now have this amazing baby who sleeps so amazing it's hard to believe it's real. Not only that, but she is now happy ALL the time. People now say to me, "I can't believe how amazing she sleeps, you are so lucky, she is seriously the best baby I have ever been around!" I tell them that we created this! Thank you for changing our lives and giving us this gift of freedom, sleep and happiness💞 ❞

~ Chad, Chelsey & 4 month old Blaise

❝ Getting you to help us with our 5 month olds sleep last fall was the best thing we could have done for our family!! We all needed our sleep and our baby was much happier (as were we all) when we started getting a good night's sleep😊 I was up every 2 hours with him before working with you and after just 4 days of sleep training, he was sleeping from 6:30pm - 6:00am, and STILL does at 11 months!!! THANK YOU!!! ❞

~ Family of Happy 5 month old, AB

❝ I was in tears writing this and thinking of where we were and where we are today. After 4 kids, none of which slept through the night, we couldn't take it anymore, our family was falling apart from sleep deprivation. We contacted Amber. What a life changer she has been for our family. Our 2 littles ones slept through the night instantly and still are! Friendly and personable, she was there for the guidance we needed. We couldn't have done it without her. She made big changes happen within our family. We are all loving life again! We are still going strong and we even have a successful camping trip under our belts! Again, thank you so much! ❞

~ Sleeping Central Alberta Family

❝ We are so happy we found you! Your knowledge, resourcefulness, kindness and support were exactly what we needed! We now have one-heck-of a happy boy who sleeps through the night! (So do we!) Yes we've had a couple hiccups here and there,but with our custom schedule and sleep-tips we are easily able to get Owen back on track in no time! We are so thankful that you were readily available to help us and get us all back to sleep! Thank you so much, from the bottom of our (well-rested) hearts, thank you so much for working with us to get our household back to sleep! We could not have asked for a better Sleep Consultant 💖 All the best :) ❞

~ Kris, Marley & Owen

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