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❝ I cannot express how amazing Amber and her sleep training have been! Our 8-month-old son had been sleeping in 1-2 hour stretches (with the rare 3-4 hour bit) for about four months. With our older boy, I had just endured the sleeplessness until he was about 18 months old, but I physically couldn't do it this time. So I found Amber and she created a personalized plan for us. That first night our baby slept 9 hours straight! By the third night it was 15 hours! Now that his sleep deficient has been caught up, he routinely sleeps 12 hours a night. If he wakes up, he puts himself back to sleep in just a few minutes. I have to admit when Amber first sent us our plan, I thought, "This is so easy - I could've saved myself money and just figured this out on my own with a book." No way! What Amber provided to us was the motivation to stay committed to the plan, when maybe it would've been easier to fall back into old habits. Even more valuable, however, was Amber's support. Any time I had a question or concern I could email her, and she would respond quickly. She also called to check up on us, too. That personalized support made all the difference, and would not have been available if I had just read a book. I am so grateful for the skills that we all learned, and for the better sleep everyone is getting now. I highly recommend Amber to anyone with a child who is not sleeping like they could be. Thank you! ❞

~ Sabrina, RedDeer AB

❝ Our 7 month old was waking every few hours during the night and had many tired days because of this, bedtime was a struggle and naps were never consistent. With Amber’s support and sleep plan, our baby was not only able to self settle, but also sleep through the night after just 3 nights into the plan. He is having solid naps and is a very happy baby! Thank you Amber for your encouragement and support over these last 2 weeks it has meant so much to our family! ❞

~ Happy parents of 7 month old

❝ Kashlynn was an awful sleeper ,and that’s when we decided we had nothing to lose so we reached to Amber and I’m so grateful we did. Kashlynn had been struggling to sleep since she was about 8 weeks old we spent every night rocking and bouncing her sometimes for hours at a time often going for late night drives just to get her to fall asleep for 45 minutes at a time. Kashlynn spent most of her days and nights overtired, irritated and crying. I can not express how different are lives are today compared to 2 weeks ago. We now have a baby who is no longer co sleeping ,but sleeps in her crib, who has learned to self soothe without props and after just 3 days of sleep training she was sleeping 12 hours a night. This is so huge compared to waking every 45 minutes just 2 weeks prior for several months. We now have a happy, healthy well rested family and most importantly a happy baby who rarely cries anymore . It’s truly amazing what healthy amounts of sleep can do for a person and how it effects are physical and mental states especially as a baby. I’m so grateful we reached out to Amber when We did . Amber is very knowledgeable, kind and you can tell she is very passionate about what she does . Thank you so much for your support I truly believe we would not be where we are today without your support, advice and personalized sleep plan. ❞

~ Knoll Family, Ponoka AB

❝ Our 3.5 month old was a great sleeper when she was a newborn! Then at about 6 weeks old that all changed. She would take over 2 hours to fall asleep- meaning my husband and I would take turns rocking her only to have her wake up as soon as we laid her down in her bassinet. She would wake up about 2-3 times before she would be asleep for the night. Then she would wake every 2 hrs if not sooner so I would feed her and do the same process over again. We tried unswaddling and then swaddling again. We would try her in her swing or would raise her bassinet. We would try gripe water and would try a bottle of formula before bed thinking she was hungry. Sometimes it would work but she was never consistent. She would only ever nap in her swing (swaddled) and it was always a 30 min fight to get her to fall asleep in there. About 3 weeks before we contacted Amber she started sleeping no longer then an hour... some nights 45 min. The sleep deprivation was taking a toll on the entire family. I knew how much she needed the sleep, I just didn't know why she was fighting it so bad. A good portion of my days were spent constantly holding and rocking her or she would be fussy. We have a 3 year old little girl that wasn't getting her full mom and dad and I was missing her and our time together! And NOW, She is now sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT!! From 630/7pm until 8am!! She also has between 2-3 naps a day about 1 1/2 hrs - 2 hrs. She caught on so quickly! I can not thank Amber enough and I am so glad we made that phone call!!! She was so supportive and positive through the entire process which made it so much easier!! I have the HAPPIEST little baby, our first daughter has her mom and dad back and our entire house is happier! This pic is what I wake up to every morning now ❞

~ LaMarsh Family, Olds AB

❝ Handsome 4 month old Jordan “Jordan wasn't sleeping very good at all and that's when I decided to reach out to Amber. It was tough running on no sleep with two boys to look after. Amber gave great advice. Didn't push me to say this was what was needed. She worked with us and what I wanted. It was a tough start but having Amber’s support really helped us push through. Jordan started sleeping through the night after the first week. We are still working on our naps but he is getting the hang of them and instead of just 40 min stretches he will sometimes have a good 3 hour nap. What a difference it has made in our life and I would highly recommend Amber to anyone that is wanting sleep in their life. Wish I had her great wisdom with my first baby!” ❞

~ Kristen, GP

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