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❝ We are so thankful that we decided to call Amber and begin the sleep training process. Our 5 month old fought sleep all day and all night. Some nights she was up every 30 minutes and needing to nurse to fall back asleep. Having a 3 year old that also needed our attention, we knew something had to change. Amber was so empathetic and supportive, and her regular reassurance and encouragement helped us to have our daughter sleeping through the night consistently. Bedtime now takes 15 minutes instead of 2+ hours! It's magical. ❞

~ Justine, AB

❝ I am so grateful for Amber and the help that she has provided for my 4 month old Amelia and I. Even though Amelia was still a young age, I knew that she lacked the proper sleep habits and for it we were both suffering. Amber was able to easily understand just what we needed and provided so much comfort and reassurance throughout the whole process. It made our sleep training journey seem a lot more enjoyable than expected and we easily accomplished our goals. Before sleep training, Amelia was was up so many times a night and was sleep deprived all day long with only short naps to get her through. Now Amelia falls asleep on her own and is only up once at night to feed because of her age and weight but will soon easily sleep all night and continue to have the much needed longer naps during the day. She is a much happier baby and therefore my whole family is in much better spirits as well!!! ❞

~ Park Family

❝ Before we contacted Amber our baby girl was up 2-4 times a night and her napping was very inconsistent. After speaking with Amber and following the plan she made for us, our little girl sleeps 12-13 hrs a night and has two 1.5-2 hr naps a day!! We are so happy we called Amber when we did, she helped our family feel happier and more energized! Thanks so much Amber!!! ❞

~ Happy parents of an 8 month old

❝ I contacted Amber after coming across a few testimonials on Facebook. I had tried doing this myself but it just wasn't working. My baby had been sleeping with me, beside me or on me since she was born and my husband and I in different rooms because of him working. I finally thought I had nothing to lose by having a consultation with Amber. After talking with her I knew she was my gal....I was tired of being awake every 3 hours at night trying to put my baby to sleep. People would ask me what my day was like, when she napped, ate and I honestly was like ummm whenever. So I thought it's time to have a life! My first two nights my baby woke up 3 times crying and normally got a bottle, so I did what Amber told me and she put herself to sleep, by the third night she woke one time and after that slept from 7pm to 8am. She has the 2 min cry but is sleeping and napping during the day. I can finally make plans with my friends cause I know when she sleeps and is awake, and my happy baby is even happier now. I’m very grateful to Amber for setting up a plan for us that was easy to follow and, I mostly loved she wasn't like others who let babies cry for hours on hour's. I highly recommend her! Thank you Amber for everything....the happy parents of a now 4 month old who sleeps all night, and my husband can finally have his wife back!!! ❞

~ Janelle

❝ The BEST investment I have ever made !! I met Amber through a Facebook group and it's been a blessing ever since. I'm one of those people that needs a ton of sleep in order to function. I knew having a baby would be hard, but I never knew just how much. As a first time mom, you do what you think is best, you listen to millions of advice and you just go with it. Now to be super honest, I had thought of sleep training my little guy from the time he was a month old, but holy Mac and Cheese ... have you ever tried reading those baby sleep training books ?!! So confusing. My days before Amber looked a little like this ... Waking up every 2 hours (if I was being "lucky") in the middle of the night. Feeding my son, putting him back to bed and starting all over again in couple hours. Most of our morning would start at 6am if not sooner. I would lay on the couch most of the day, letting Lincoln "play" on the ground, or having him in his swing, in a hope that he would sleep. He napped, but nothing longer than an hour and it would be ALL OVER THE PLACE !!!!He was exhausted !! I was exhausted !! Hubby was exhausted !! Quality time with hubby was non existent and the time spent with my son was me wishing we would go back to sleep. When Lincoln turned 6 months, I knew something had to change. I was a walking zombie, I was mad all the time and I had started to envy my husband being able to leave the house for the day. And .... came Amber !!! We got on the phone, and my life will forever be changed. After our interview, talking to my husband to ask his thoughts and me basically being sold from the moment she told me "You should expect your son sleep through the night in 2 weeks" we signed up !!I'm not gonna lie, I was terrified. But Amber explained everything to us, what we needed to do, what reaction we could expect from Lincoln and after speaking with her on the phone I felt ready to start our day 1. After 2 nights of sleep training, my son was sleeping 13 hours straight. We've graduated sleep training almost 3 months ago now and my son has been a fantastic sleeper ❤ His naps are much better too !! He is such a happy boy, full of energy and smiles. He is so playful and rested !!My husband and I now have time for each other but also have time for just being !! This motherhood gig is hard as it is. We moms, tend to feel guilty about everything. Especially when talking about sleep training and listening to people tell us their opinions about it. But being sleep deprived is no help to anyone. If you are ready to gain your sanity back, I'm telling you, Amber is your person. She was there, with us, every step of the way. One phone call away to calm me down and answer ALL my questions. I can't say it enough. She changed our lives and I will forever be grateful ❤ ❞

~ Stephanie, B.C

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