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❝ My 5 month old Cooper started out life as a decent sleeper. Then by 3.5 months when his first two teeth came through, our nights well..... Sucked. We coslept and nursed to sleep. He would only sleep in my arms while nursing and being rocked. He woke every 45 minutes. ALL...NIGHT...LONG! I suffered with this for a month and half before seeking help. My mental state suffered, I was diagnosed with PPD. I didnt sleep more then an hour or two in broken up chunks. My sister in law told me about Amber. And what she did for my niece the year before. I hit my breaking point when I finally called Amber. She was exactly what we needed. She was kind, personable, and confident! We jumped right on board. Her method was exactly what I needed to ease my worry of "sleep training". I hate to call it that. It's more "sleep learning". My son responded almost instantly to her personal plan for us. We noticed a major difference by night 2!! Amber was there for me when I needed her! She was always there for me with a kind word every time I needed a pick me up. I can not thank her enough! I can not recommend her enough. Ladies... You do not have to suffer from extreme exhaustion. Everyone tells you its normal. I can tell you. It is not. After 2 weeks. I wake up to a baby who is grinning at me, laughing all the time. I get to enjoy motherhood again! ❞

~ Jamie, Lee & Cooper

❝ I have to husband and I were very skeptical about this whole "sleep training" idea...but we were so desperate. We would lay with our daughter for an hour, so she would nap for 10 minutes... We would drive around for hours on end, so she would nap for 10 minutes... We would go for walks in the wind and rain, so she would nap for 10 minutes...We would lean over her crib holding her hands, putting her soother back in, stroking her head...until our backs were numb...We would get up in the middle of the night for a feeding, because we felt like that's what we were supposed to do...We stayed home for most of September, to "try" and establish a sleep routine. Our friend had mentioned to me that her friend, Amber, was a sleep consultant. She gave me Amber's contact info. I discussed this with my husband a few days later, and we decided that I would call her. I had hesitated to call her because I felt like a failure...I felt as if I should have been able to get her to sleep...after all I am her mom!? When I first called Amber, she was like a breath of fresh air! She told me the process of sleep training and said that she guaranteed it would work, as long as we follow everything she said for the next two weeks! Without hesitation we completed the steps we needed to and started the program the following week. It was so nice to have one sleep plan to follow. Amber had set up a plan for naps and bedtime, and we followed exactly what she said. She called the first 3 mornings to see how our previous day and night were. I loved receiving the phone calls from her. She was always so positive and would tell us what we did right and what area to improve on. After the first 3 days, we then emailed and spoke a couple more times. She was very prompt at answering any questions we had. It was very reassuring to have her to talk to, just to make sure we were going on the right path. We definitely found out that we weren't alone, when it came to our little girl's sleeping issue! Here we are now...not even a month later. We put our little girl down for a nap, walk out of the room, and she is asleep within 5 minutes. She sleeps through the night from 7pm - 6:30am!! Our friends and family come over and can't believe how much our little girls sleeping has changed. It's amazing to see that it's not just us noticing a huge improvement!! Amber far surpassed our expectations! My husband and I would recommend Amber to anyone!! ❞

~ Sweet Miss A's mom

❝ I was so overwhelmed with my twins behaviour . They are 8 months old and since they were 5 months they just cried constantly through the day and woke up every hour at night. I was feeding them every hour because they wouldn’t eat. I was just desperate. After talking to Amber she gave us a complete plan which we followed and after the very first night they slept through the night and stayed in their cribs until 7am. We have been following her plan now 4 weeks and I have not had to get up in the night once. I have my life back, my boys are in such a good schedule, they sleep good, they eat good, she gave me lots of support. I am very happy we contacted her. Thank you so much!! ❞

~ Amire, RedDeer AB

❝ We decided to hire Amber because our son was sleeping in our bed with me, not going to bed until late and nursing/being rocked to sleep. I knew these were all bad habits and made me nervous that we were going to have a challenge when Will got older! We were a bit leery since our son was only 3.5 months old when we started, but Amber reassured us that it was the perfect age. Because of her plan, Will is now sleeping through the night (12 hours) and in his own crib! I don't think I could have been as strong that first night if it wasn't for Amber. She was very supportive the whole two weeks of sleep training and answered all of the questions and concerns I had. Will falls asleep so effortlessly and even bedtime is a pleasure rather than something I'm dreading. We did not have many problems getting Will to this new schedule so it reinforced how much he needs that sleep and how well the sleep plan worked. Now any of our family can put Will to bed easily (as long as they follow the routine). Last night my Dad put Will to bed without any issues! ❞

~ Amy, RedDeer AB

❝ I can not thank Amber enough for helping us get our little one to sleep through the night and to go sleep without a fight. After trying to sleep train on my own for way too long with no success I thought that maybe this was just how having a baby was going to be. I came across Amber’s profile after doing some more research and I couldn’t be more glad I did. Amber was able to lay out a very easy to follow plan that helped our little one sleep through the night on just the second night! Throughout the two weeks Amber helped, she was so supportive and kind and answered all questions in easy to understand ways, it was so nice to have the extra support to get through some of the tough times. My life has become much easier and I am no longer a cranky over tired Mom. I am now even able to get me time without having to stress about other people putting her to sleep or having to wake up every hour during the night to get her back to sleep. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! ❞

~ Happy mom of 7 month old “Sweet L”

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