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❝ Hi There, my name is Kayla. Since the day my baby was born he was a horrible napper and sleeper... he would only nap if I pushed him in the stroller or if he was in his car seat. Night time was even harder, up every 1-2 hours thought the entire night.... I read everything, took everyones advise, tried everything I was told to try.... I was open for any ideas because I was so desperate... I finally just decided I would just have to let my baby grow out of it because he obviously is just a horrible sleeper and there is nothing that can be done. So I did I waited, and waited, and waited. finally at 8 months I felt myself being pulled into a dark place and I kept struggling to stay on the good side of it all. Many nights consisted of me crying or swearing...not at my baby, just into thin air because I didn't know what to do anymore. I found Amber on facebook so I booked a discovery call. After the call I really wanted to hire her but of course the cost had me set back a bit and my husband wasn't supporting me because he thought it was to expensive and didn't really think someone could help our baby sleep "he's just a bad sleeper that's just how he is" this is what we all said. Almost a month later I had enough I told my husband with tears and exhaustion and helplessness on my face that I didn't care what he thought...I had to do something... this can't be life, this can't be what having a baby is like, this can't be normal!!! He was still reluctant but I told him I didn't care and I was doing this for me and our baby. And here I am happy, smiling, not laying on the floor in an exhausted heap.... because I called Amber and I booked her! It was 3 days of a little bit of rough nights but then it got easier and easier and within a week my baby was asleep from 6:30pm-6:30am. He now sleeps mostly from 7pm-7am. I can't rave enough about Amber and her professionalism but also her compassion and her amazing support and knowledge that goes along with the whole process. It has changed all our lives and for all those skeptics out there.... my husband is a believer now:) he was blown away at how quick and how well this all worked! Do yourself a favour if your on the fence not knowing what to do, call Amber, book with her and I promise you if you follow her plan 100% you will not be disappointed :) THANK YOU AMBER!!!! ❞

~ Kayla

❝ When we reached out to Amber we were at our wits end... nobody in our house was getting sleep at night and the only way our little guy would nap was on mom! The process was daunting at first, but when we stayed consistent with the plan and leaned on Amber for her high level support it was so amazing to see the progress! We now have a little boy who sleeps through the night nine out of ten times for 12 hours straight and our baby is napping (in his own crib without sleep props!) and is consistently getting better and better! After our two weeks with Amber we are now well on our way back to getting our happy little family rested up and enjoying this precious first year with our little guy. ❞

~ L

❝ Sleep Training with Amber has been the best experience our family could have invested in. Our little man went from short lived 10 minute cat naps & waking every 30-40 minutes a night, to successfully sleeping through the night (Up to 13 hours!) and napping for 2 hour stretches. We got our sleep, sanity and love back. Our family is so unbelievably grateful for Amber and her program. Amber is patient, kind, very reassuring and has an incredible amount of knowledge. Thank you Amber for giving our family our sleep back! ❞

~ Ashlee

❝ Before we went to Amber, our little guy would only sleep in his carrier. This meant I was constantly wearing him, standing or pacing all day and then to top it all off would have to bounce him to sleep for bedtime. Needless to say I was exhausted! By the time we had reached out to Amber I was at my end and knew something had to give. Amber went through everything so thoroughly that we knew exactly what we had to do and when to do it. She also gave us the confidence to do it and that what we were doing was right. Her support throughout the whole process was incredible and made you feel like she was there doing it with you. Our little monster now does ALL his naps in his crib, puts himself to sleep, and sleeps through the night! My husband and I feel like we have our life back. Our evenings are now our own, I have the energy to get things done during the day and most importantly I'm a better mom when Charlie is awake. I hope Amber knows exactly how much she has done for us! It is truly priceless. ❞

~ Shanna

❝ Before we did the sleep training program with Amber, Blakely needed to be nursed to sleep. We could not get her down some nights until 9-10 pm, (which did not leave my husband and I any time to reconnect at the end of the day). Naps were the same struggle...Blakely would be up at least once in the night and still needed to be nursed to fall back asleep. I had made the decision to stop breastfeeding cold turkey in hopes that it would help and since she was being supplemented we made the choice to switch to formula and she was still waking through the night and not napping well! Since working with Amber, Blakely now sleeps through the night (12 hours) with no issues and has 2 naps that are at least 1.5-2 hours. She has done amazing and the 2 weeks went by so fast! My husband and I now have our nights back for hanging out, to reconnect and finally get some much needed sleep! Getting Blakely to sleep isn't a huge process and now we can leave her with a babysitter and not worry! So happy, Candice ❞

~ Candice

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